Benzinga Investment Newsletter Email Copy

Below are emails that were used to promote Benzinga's first investment letter to their list.

Email #1

Subject line options:
[#1:] Rules
[#2:] the secret behind my 50%+ annual returns
[#3:] the secret to identifying breakout stocks every single month
[#4:] 2 rules that helped me achieve a 133% return in 2018
[#5:] Two simple rules that let me rack up triple-digit returns

Dear Fellow Trader,

I've never been a fan of rules.

Well, mainly the rules that other people tell me to follow without question. Those type of rules bug me...

However, I find it quite important to have your own set of rules. Especially when it comes to trading.

It doesn't mean you should never break your own rules.

But it makes it a lot easier to become world-class at something when you have a set of rules to follow...even if it's just as a guideline.

Over the last handful of years, I've discovered some rules from achieving 50%+ annual returns. They’ve helped me discover the secret to identifying breakout stocks every single month regardless of the market environment.

Here are two of those rules:
- By focusing on what I call “3 Delta Factors” I can pinpoint those stocks with significant upside in the next few weeks consistently.
- Always have a trading plan and stick to it.

There are plenty of investors who've achieved double-digit annual returns with regularity. But they rarely are willing to share their top stock pick and the investment rationales behind it.

I take the time to do so each month inside my Breakout Opportunity Letter.

As a subscriber, I’ll share with you my top stock recommendation each month along with further detail on why it fits each of my “3 Delta Factors”. I’ll also share the plan for when you should get in and when you should think about taking profits.
Click here to start getting my top picks today.

To our trading success,
Gianni Di Poce
Editor, Benzinga’s Breakout Opportunity Letter

Email #2

Subject line options:
[#1:] this is NOT your normal trading advice
[#2:] the opposite of what every investing guru is telling you
[#3:] the problem with the trading advice you’re getting
[#4:] what other investing gurus won’t tell you
[#5:] stop making this common trading mistake

Dear Fellow Trader,

Every supposed "investing guru" seems to talk about that one stock factor that you should focus on to identify winning stocks. Don’t get me wrong...some of them have legit trading insights.

But the problem with only focusing on a single factor (or even two) like earnings growth, momentum, P/E or ROIC is that they don’t produce winners consistently. Or they only work in certain market environments.

The truth is, markets go up, down, and sideways all the time. That’s why you need consistent winners all the time.

What if you could look through the market and pick out those stocks poised to break out regardless of what the broader index is doing?

That is exactly what my Delta Breakout System does. But it does all the work for you.

It breaks down stocks into 3 simple factors.

Think of it like putting on x-ray vision goggles to see through the market and locate those stocks poised to breakout.

The results speak for themselves:
- 15% average winning trades
- Trailing stop loss of 7%.
- Annual returns of 133% in 2018 & 64% in 2019...beating the market by 2 to 1!

I want to help you buy a breakout stock every single month.

My Breakout Opportunity Letter will give you exactly that.

Start your risk-free trial today. 

Talk soon,
Gianni Di Poce
Editor, Benzinga’s Breakout Opportunity Letter

Email #3

From Name: Your Trading Account

Subject line options:
[#1:] we need some of these
[#2:] can we get some breakout stocks?
[#3:] we need some help here
[#4:] i’m starving for these breakout stocks
[#5:] calling in some reinforcements

Hey, this is your trading account.

We need to talk.

I'm feeling a little underappreciated right now. It’s been a rough year for us so far. I can’t remember the last time we’ve felt the joy of seeing one of our stocks breakout for more than a few days.

I’ve got this sinking feeling and I’m scared it is only going to continue.

I don't want you to get angry with me…but I've found someone who can give us the help we need.

His name is Gianni Di Poce. Before you get any ideas, it's not like THAT. We're just friends.

But I'm thinking we should be more than just friends with him...

He's been making some promises that he's going to change things around for us. He told me he's gonna give us a breakout stock every single month. I love the feeling of seeing a stock explode to the upside.

I know you do, too.

So whaddya say?

He's got this Breakout Opportunity Letter that we should consider subscribing to. It seems really interesting.

He passes along his top stock pick to us every month using his proven ‘Delta Factors’ approach. It’s the same tried-and-true approach that got him annual returns of 133% in 2018 and 64% in 2019.

He's even got a 30-day risk-free trial.

I mean, what do we have to lose?  

So please do both of us a favor…

PLEASE sign up for Benzinga’s Breakout Opportunity Letter.

Go here to start your risk-free trial now.

I'll bet you Benzinga’s Breakout Opportunity Letter changes everything for us.

I don't want to be starved of positive returns anymore! DO SOMETHING PLEASE. 

Talk soon,
Your Trading Account
(AKA Gianni Di Poce, Editor, Benzinga’s Breakout Opportunity Letter)
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