Dr. Orlena - Weight Loss Coach Welcome Email Autoresponder Series

Below is a portion of a welcome email sequence I created for a weight loss coach where the front end offer was a monthly recipe program and the back end was high-end coaching. 

Email #1
Subject line: the worst mother in the world


"I can't poop!"

I was sitting on the floor of my bathroom with my three-year-old son. Tears were streaming down his face and his hands were gripping his bloated belly.

The reason we had been there for 45 minutes was because my son was constipated.

This was a problem that was happening fairly regularly. It didn’t happen with my older son, only with him. It was disrupting all of our nights and was putting a lot of stress on the family.

I felt like the worst mother in the world.

I couldn’t understand why it was so hard for him to go to the bathroom.

As it turns out, the food that I thought was healthy and nourishing was anything but.

I learned that if your kids are not eating the right foods their young digestive systems can’t function properly. 

As I did more research online, I learned that there is a large community of moms with kids that are suffering from constipation.

That’s what led me to develop my entire business. I didn’t want to have another mother & child have to go through that same experience.

As I sat there on the cold tile of the bathroom floor that night I realized that I needed to make a change. I needed to figure this out. And I needed to do it now.

I needed to make sure my son--and my other kids--didn’t have to go through these problems...and could grow up healthy. And I knew there were other parents I could help who desperately wanted to help their children.

Since food was clearly the answer--and making a few simple "tweaks" can produce dramatic results--I decided to call my program "My Kitchen Miracles."

My Kitchen Miracles is a program that provides 20 simple and easy recipes on a monthly basis that your family will love. There’s no more wasted time or anxiety about what’s for dinner....or worrying about if what you are eating and serving your family is truly healthy and tolerable.

Imagine enjoying delicious, healthy dinners that don’t have 1 million ingredients... that are less than 20 minutes or less to prepare...and your kids will actually eat without fussing.

If you want to be a more confident, energetic and happier mom, click here to learn more.

Talk soon,

Email #2
Subject line: the pounds just melted off

Alexis reached out to me after becoming concerned about the amount of sugar her daughter was eating.

Here’s what she had to say…

“Before I started working with Orlena, I felt angry and frustrated with myself because I knew the information, I knew what I need to do, I just couldn’t apply it and do it myself.

And that made me annoyed with myself.”

With a doctorate in public health, she knew something had to change. But applying it wasn’t so easy. You see, Alexis wasn’t just worried about helping her daughter.

She was also frustrated with herself for what she was eating and how she was feeling. She frequently ate some chocolate on the ride home from work because she felt exhausted.

She had a candy drawer at work for anytime she needed a pick me up in the afternoon.
Her lunch frequently included at least a few cookies.

Even though it didn’t seem like a lot of sugar, the effects on Alexis’ body were dramatic.

Most days she was out of gas by 7 or 8.

Fast forward 6 months later…

Alexis is eating delicious, satisfying meals and snacks. She cleared out her candy drawer and her sugar cravings are gone. This is all thanks to what I shared with her.

Those pair of jeans that were too tight before, now fit perfectly. But losing weight hasn’t been the only benefit.

All aspects of Alexis’ life are doing much better: relationships, time and self-care. And she feels fabulous! Nonstop compliments from people is a nice benefit as well.

To learn more about how she did it, click on the podcast link here.

Until next time,
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