How To Have Your Dream Clients Banging At Your Door While Cutting Your
Work Hours In Half

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How To Have Your Dream Clients Banging At Your Door While Cutting Your 
Work Hours In Half
  • ​Unlock a business where the people who you want to work with most are reaching out to you, no more having to hustle and grind your way to generating clients...
  • ​Freeing up more time and energy for a life outside your business...imagine actually having some hobbies & plenty of time to spend with family and friends! 
  • An easy to implement four step strategy…you don’t need to be a tech genius, have a huge budget or go through any other special training to be successful.
Hi, I'm Brian Czekanski
I Help Coaches & Experts 
Turn Their Knowledge Into Mutiple Streams of
Recurring Revenue Through The Keys Method
My work generates high open rates, click-throughs & conversions. I do that by writing in a clear and compelling way that draws your audience in with story-based content.

Allow me to tell your brand’s story while calling your customers to action.

One of the first ways I can help grow your business is in creating or improving the story behind your brand. I specialize in creating effective copy that resonates with your audience and gets them to take action.

I'll do that by ensuring that the copy I produce is consistent with your company’s brand vision and voice.

My key areas of focus are:
- Getting more traffic to your website and more interest in your services through online ads
- Improving the words and language in your marketing so it resonates more with your dream client.
- Automating your marketing so you don't have to spend so much time on it.

About Me

I’m Brian Czekanski and for the longest time I had a problem. 

The voice of social doubt throbbed in my head like a screaming newborn baby.

When I needed to introduce myself to someone in person: “Why even bother they are not going to find you interesting.”

When I took the initiative to introduce myself anyway: “Man look how bored and uninterested this person looks when you speak, end this conversation now so we can all stop suffering.”

The voice in my head was always looking for any signs in their face or body language that they might be uninterested.

It robbed me of the opportunity to meet so many people and engage them in conversation.
Brian Czekanski
What changed for me was learning that I wasn’t alone. 

I started reading the stories and hearing podcasts of others held back by the limiting voices in their heads.

It led me to a long line of helpful books and hiring a series of coaches which changed everything for me. I left a career on Wall Street that I never enjoyed and finally discovered the life that I have always wanted.

That path pointed me towards a career in direct response copywriting. A field where I help coaches connect with their dream clients online so that they can experience the same breakthroughs that I did.

If you want to take your coaching business to the next level by connecting with the right prospects with a message that will resonate, schedule a free strategy call using the button below.

Recent Testimonials

Tonia Mattu, Certified Life Coach

"At the end of the day, we all know that our clients & prospects value real, raw, vulnerable truth and authenticity. I would say that Brian does a really great job of drawing that out of you. 

He puts it together in a way that's engaging, intriguing, and really piques the interests of your prospects, which turn into clients."

What She Was Looking For

"A way to engage with my prospective clients in a more vulnerable in a real, raw way. I already had students and an online school, and all of this stuff is already in place. I had a nice, pretty brand. 

What I did feel was missing was a way to connect with people on a deep level where they could truly see what I could offer them without having to meet me in person."

Her Biggest Challenge

"I was getting a lot of clients when I met them in person, on panels, and connecting. Like when I can feel the person, they can feel me, and then things were happening. 

But what I really wanted to do was to take that real, authentic, vulnerable connection online and to be able to convey that. What I was most worried about was losing my authenticity and losing my voice in trying to digitize it."

How I Helped

"So in working with Brian, he does an incredible job of really drawing out your story. 

I wouldn't say it's always easy because he asks a lot of hard questions about challenges you've been through or just the breakthroughs you've had. You really have to like expose yourself, which is part of the process. 

But it's wonderful because Brian does a really, really good job of making you feel comfortable, asking really thought-provoking questions, and really digging deep into your story, and then from that, is able to articulate it in a way that is engaging and connects with your audience."


"The most powerful thing we did together was put together these really meaningful, true, authentic stories that really exemplify how I am the right person to help my clients.  

That I have the solutions to be able to help them because I've also been there and I've gone through the things that they've gone through. So it's much more relatable this way, and I really feel that Brian does a great way of doing that.

He also interviewed many of my students in the same way: very calmly, very directly, and in such a way that gives people permission to express themselves. I listened in on these interviews. I was so happy to hear my students express themselves and their experience with my program. 

Through Brian's questions he got my students to a place of being open and vulnerable."

Jen Rivas, Holistic Nutritionist & Health Coach

"I cannot praise Brian enough. It was so unbelievable the amount of value that I got out of working with him. 

If you're at a place right now in your business and you need someone with experience when it comes to Facebook ads, Instagram ads, social media marketing, email automation, launch strategy, I mean, he does it all. 

All I can say is that you will not be sorry, and I will forever sing his praises for all the help that he has given me in my business."

Her Biggest Challenge

"I got to the point in my business where I knew I was just out of my depth. I needed help with Facebook ads and some issues that I was running into."

How I Helped

"After speaking with Brian the first time, I knew that this was someone who was super invested in their clients. 

He just went above and beyond in really trying to get to understand my business and who my ideal clients were as a whole and not just for face value.

He took time to look at my different social media platforms. He took the time to ask me questions and to look at different blog posts and videos and that all came into play later."


"He was able to help me with Facebook ads and answer questions that I struggled with for months in a matter of minutes. 

He also helped me with my copy and setting up my automation emails so that when I did get those ideal clients into my funnel that they were being directed and kind of put on this path of learning more about me and what I had to offer them in the way of programs and content.

Now if that wasn't enough, I happened to be in the middle of launching a program while I was working with Brian. He helped me tremendously when it came to the sales page, with my copy and also setting up the launch strategy."

Andrea Laurie, Certified Life Coach

"I think the biggest value-add that he brought to me, which were two huge ones, were helping me draw out my specialty, my ideal client. He helped me write something that's in their language written to them and not so much all about me. 

He understands coaching and personal development and how we need to be able to articulate what we do and how it's different. So just creating that methodology, there's huge, huge value in that far beyond what I've ever seen from another copywriter."

What She Was Looking For

"I had a broad strategy where I was speaking to a lot of different potential clients, because I work with all kinds of different potential clients, and my website was the space where they could all see themselves in there and see themselves being represented.

However, I realized that speaking to a general audience, doesn't position you as a specialist or an expert, and that in order to grow to the next level, I needed to really hone in on my specialty, which clients I wanted to work with and begin speaking their language."

Her Biggest Challenge

"Speaking their language was a difficult thing for me to do on my own, because as I mentioned, I work with so many different people, and it was difficult for me to see myself really clearly inside of my own mind.

It's like you can't necessarily elevate or see what you're so close to when it's yourself."

How I Helped

"I have worked with other copywriters in the past and it was a completely different experience working with Brian. So in the past, when I worked with copywriters, they were fairly quick, they would give a good turnaround time, they sort of did what you asked and they basically would write things for you. 

With Brian, it was different. It was a much more lengthy process, but it was much more valuable because he does more than just writes copy for you. Brian takes time to really ask you questions, to understand where you want to focus, who you want to work with in your business. He does research to see what others are doing. 

He helped me make sense of what I was offering, create a website and a strategy that speaks to two different audiences, entrepreneurs, and corporate.

The biggest value-add he helped me do, is he helped me sort of clarify a process that is easy to understand and share, that really sets me apart as far as how I work with my clients, which is a big thing in today's day and age. 

When there are a lot of people who are offering similar services, yes, people will want to work with you for a lot of different reasons, but one of those key distinguishing factors is your approach and how you do what you do. "


"The end result was really above and beyond what I expected. I didn't expect to get as much clarity on who I wanted to be working with as well as my own sort of intellectual property and methodology of how I work with clients.

And of course, all of that is already inside of me, but sometimes you just need the right person to help you draw it out of you. 

And I think he does a lot more than copywriting in my opinion. He really elevates your business and can take it to the next level if you're willing to engage and do the work on your end."

Copywriting Services That I Specialize In

Email Marketing

The best way to build a connection with your prospects and clients is via email.  

Stay top of mind with a regular story-based emails that share more about your story, shift beliefs and motivate people to hire you. 

Online Ads

Paid online ads on the right platform will give you consistent new client leads every week if created in the right way.

I specialize in creating story-based online ads that speak directly to your specific audience and their pain points. 

Sales Pages

Getting more traffic and attention for your coaching services is only helpful when you can convert the traffic quickly to paying clients. 
Here is how you can work with me...
If you're looking to work with me to grow your coaching business please book a free strategy call using the button below.  During this call we can get to know each other better, discuss your needs and how I might be able to help.   
If you've got a question for me or would like to get in contact with me for podcast interviews, media appearances, online trainings, speaking engagements or training your team, then go to my contact page above or send me an email at