Jen Rivas - Health Coach Course Launch Emails

The below are emails I created for a healthy eating challenge launch targeting her existing list.  

Email #1
subject line: 😝"Yuck! I Don't Want That!"

My 3 year-old daughter had just been diagnosed with type I diabetes and celiac disease.

I knew I had to find a way to feed her healthier meals, but I had no idea how to even start Brian.

To say I was overwhelmed and stressed would have been an understatement.

It seemed like something so simple on the surface but changing habits was really hard. The more I read, scrolled and attempted to cook, the more I got frustrated with all the spam and misleading information out there.

Everyone seemed to have their own agenda, but none of them got me closer to a healthier life for me and my family. In the end, it took me years of trial and error and combing through dozens and dozens of recipe books for answers.

Even then I felt I was starting from ground zero and had to teach my kids new eating habits so they would actually eat what I was cooking every day instead of still preferring the heavily processed or sugar-filled alternatives.

It was a long, winding road but I finally reached the goal I set out to achieve.

I was able to prepare meals every day that my family loved!

They didn’t take hours of time to prepare and didn’t involve a long list of complex ingredients or a culinary degree to produce.

My kids finally ate vegetables and fruit without any whining or me having to lose my mind at the dinner table.

No more preparing dinner for hours only to have my daughter look at it for 3 seconds and push it away without even trying it.

Not only did my children’s health improve dramatically, but so did mine.

You'll learn more about the solution I came up with later in the week. But the more that I talked to other moms, I realized I wasn’t alone in my goal of getting my kids to eat healthier.

The path to getting there, however, is not an easy one.

I created the PB3 (Plant Based for 3 Weeks) Challenge
so that no mom would ever have to struggle to feed their family healthy foods ever again.

While I can’t cook the meals for you, I can go through this journey with you, side by side and help you avoid the mistakes and epic fails that I made.

And I can make the process a whole lot easier with simple proven strategies and tips that I know work.

You might be wondering why I'm telling you this. If you haven't already heard, my PB3 Challenge is now open for enrollment!

Inside you will join a strong community of moms who have the same goal as you:
- Feed their family healthy foods that their children will actually eat without spending hours in the kitchen everyday.
- It’s comprehensive and covers everything from grocery lists to simple recipe guides to step by step cooking videos. I’ll also be sharing time-saving strategies so that meal prep each week can be done in about an hour on a Sunday.
- I will be there with you every step of the way in the private Facebook group, weekly Q&A live calls and assistance via email for anything that you need.

So if you are interested in learning more click the link below.
>>> Click this link for more information on the PB3 Challenge

This week I am going to be in your inbox every day sharing more about this challenge. Seriously [first name], I just don't want you to miss your chance to join before this Friday at midnight. We're gonna do BIG CHANGES together!! ;-)

Talk soon,

Email #2
Subject line: 🔥Very Important - Please Read!

[First Name],

The Plant Based for 3 Weeks Challenge  is only open for enrollment for just over 2 more days. 

Here are some important things you need to know:
· This challenge is going to teach you the step-by-step process for getting you and your family eating healthier.
· You are going to get everything you need to make your meal prep and preparation as easy as possible: grocery lists, simple recipes, and video tutorials.
· By the end of the 3 weeks, you are going to feel more confident in the kitchen and in your ability to produce healthy meals that your family will love.
· My goal is to free up your life from cooking – meal prep for the week on Sunday in about an hour and dinners come together during the week in less than 15 minutes.
Consequences of not joining – price might go up next time you buy it and it is not going to be open for a while

But here’s what else you should know…
· Since this is the second go-round of the Challenge, I’m offering it at a very affordable price until Friday at midnight. The money you save on your grocery bills should more than cover the cost of the Challenge in only a few weeks!
· After Friday at midnight, I am shutting the doors for enrollment. I am doing this so I can get everyone set up with everything they need.
· I plan to open the Challenge again in the future…but I can’t give you an exact date when. It’ll most likely be sometime next year.

One last thing:
The PB3 Challenge has been a long time in the making. It combines all my knowledge, expertise and experience I have gained in my journey of trying to get my family to eat healthy while enjoying every bite.

I pour my heart and soul into giving as much support and step by step instruction in this Challenge.

What I want for you is to have the results I have achieved without the years of struggling to find the right solution or information.

I've designed this so that anyone can make this their reality…even if you have limited or no cooking skills (that was me a few years ago!). This challenge is very comprehensive…and set up in a logical, step-by-step way.

I'm going to be providing a TON of support inside of the community…so if you are motivated and you really want to do this, I am going to give you everything you need to make it happen.

In the final two days before the Friday at midnight deadline I am going to let you hear from past Challenge participants and answer any final questions that you may have.

And like I said before, if you are on the fence, hit reply and let me know what further information might be helpful.

Otherwise, click here to claim your spot!

Talk soon,

Email #3 
Subject Line: Would You Enjoy Some Extra Time?

What I would have given for just and extra hour or two during the day!

Not that long ago, 5-7 pm used to be CHAOS at my house Monday thru Friday.

I would be running around doing All The Things.

Pick up the kids from school...then snacks, then homework, then activities and somewhere in there, attempt to prepare dinner while also keeping them occupied (or at least not trying to kill each other).

Some nights, despite my best efforts in preparing a nice meal, my kids would take one look and say, "Ewww, I don't want that!"

So incredibly frustrating.

But luckily [first name] I was able to change all that. It took some time and research, but I found little shortcuts that worked.

Now meal prep for the whole week takes me no more than an hour and the actual meals on the day can be put together in around 15 minutes.

Here are some examples of how some moms are spending their additional time gained using the strategies taught in the PB3 Challenge:
- I finally have some time to grab a glass of wine, and have some time to breath and think for a change.
- Some days all I want to do is veg out on the couch and catch up on my Netflix.
- I actually have some time with my kids at the end of the day and don’t have to be constantly looking over my shoulder to see if the pot or pan is boiling over. Not to mention there's no more bribing and arguing with them to eat their food.

That extra time every day can really add up and can make all the difference.

If you are interested in getting some of your time back from cooking, here is where to go:

>>> Click here  to learn more about the PB3 Challenge. 

One more thing [first name].

Tonight at midnight I am closing the doors for enrollment in the challenge.

It’s going to be a while before I open it up again. So if you don’t get in could be a long wait!

If you have any questions that I haven't addressed already, just let me know.

Here’s the link one more time if you’re ready to get started:

>>> Click here to get access to the PB3 Challenge.


Email #4
Subject Line: PB3 Challenge is Closing-Decision Time!

It's D-Time Brian, the PB3 Challenge is closing in just a few hours!

At midnight (PST) tonight, I am closing the doors.

If you want in, then make sure to join while you can. Otherwise it will be until next year when it is reopened for new members.

This is the last time I will be emailing you about this.

I know, I know I’ve sent a lot recently!

I just wanted to make sure you have every opportunity to get your buns in there!

Here’s where you can join (hope you see this before midnight!).

>>> Click here to get your last minute seat to the PB3 Challenge.

See you inside,
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