Off The Muck Welcome Email Autoresponder Series

Below is a portion of an email welcome automation sequence I created for a leadership coach targeting socially conscious business owners. The front end offer was a short term coaching program and the back end was a longer-term, high-end coaching option.

The below is a welcome email series for an online food delivery service in upstate NY. Wide ranging audience here which appreciates the convenience and cares about their health enough that they want the freshest, most nutritious ingredients.

Email 1 Welcome Email

Subject line options:
[1] Farmers Market delivered
[2] a personalized farmers’ market at your doorstep
[3] want farm-fresh fruits and veggies delivered?
[4] farm-fresh food straight to your door
[5] farm to your table (without spending a fortune)


Thanks for signing up for the Off the Muck Market email list.

We are committed to bringing you the convenience of home delivery of the best fresh, local produce central New York has to offer year-round.

Off The Muck Market gets its name from the highly fertile farmland near Canastota that once made the region the onion capital of the world.

I have a soft spot in our heart for this land since this is where I got my start, with a garden to pay for college and even a wedding (more on that in tomorrow’s email).

To make sure you hear it--along with all the other tips and updates on our latest additions to our popular “muck” boxes, please the following to ensure you get my emails (it takes just seconds):

Gmail users—move this email to your primary inbox

On your phone? Hit the 3 dots at the top right corner, click "Move to" then "Primary"

On desktop? Back out of this email then drag and drop this email into the "Primary" tab near the top left of your screen

Apple mail users—tap on my email address at the top of this email (next to "From:" on mobile) and click “Add to VIPs”

For everyone else—follow these instructions.

I’m going to be emailing you every few days covering topics that will include:

- The secret to immediately upgrading the taste of your home-cooked meals
- Why the produce at the grocery store might not be as fresh as you think it is
- How locally sourced food can dramatically improve your health and boost your community.

And if that’s ever too much “mucking around” for you, you can always hit the unsubscribe button at the bottom.

With that out of the way, can you do me a quick favor?

Hit reply and answer this one question for me so I can make sure I’m addressing your biggest needs and concerns:

What is your biggest challenge when it comes to feeding your family (or yourself) the highest quality & best-tasting food?

Until next time,
Carl “produce is my life" Chappell

P.S. If you are ready to sign up for our farm-fresh food delivery service, please go to this link.

We offer 3 different “muck box” sizes and the flexibility to choose from weekly or bi-weekly deliveries. Check out the menu for each box, and then select “Order now” to sign up and put together your delivery.

Email 2 personal story

Subject line: produce paid for my wedding

I successfully proposed to my high school sweetheart, now it was time to figure out how to pay for her dream wedding.

At the time, I was working for her father on their family farm and agriculture had become one of my passions.

So when I suggested to her that we should start a 10-acre garden to cover the wedding costs, she wasn’t exactly surprised.

What she didn’t realize is how much work it would be.

She would come home from her teaching job and help out me and four other workers.

Her main responsibility became cleaning all the produce after it was picked.

Each night she would walk out drenched with water and dirt that got into every crevice.

Which is funny because she is the true definition of a “girly” girl.

Despite that, she was willing to roll up her sleeves...and my love for her only grew in those moments.

In 6 weeks we sold $15,000 in produce, which paid for half of our wedding.

We later went on to start our own farmstand at the corner of routes 5 and 13 where we built relationships with all the local farmers. That ended when a rival farmstand bought the property we were leasing from and kicked us out.

I knew my community wanted to have a better connection with their food. I also had a large Rolodex of local farmers who could consistently provide high-quality produce at reasonable prices.

That is when Off the Muck was born.

Today you can order produce and local grocery items from about 50 different farms and food producers in Upstate New York farms...and get it delivered weekly fresh to your door.

We have begun offering non-produce items too, including bread, cookies, pasta sauces and dairy items like yogurt.

Prices are similar to those found in gourmet grocery stores, but with the added advantage of getting locally grown foods delivered right to your door.

High-quality food delivered straight from the farm with amazing convenience. What could be better?

Click the link here to sign up for food delivery today!

See ya next time,
Carl “farm to your doorstep“ Chappell
Email 3 testimonial story

Subject line options:
[1] “I feel like I just picked them myself”
[2] a delivery of nature's bounty to your door
[3] busy? Try this
[4] “This has been a godsend for my family”

Off The Muck made its first delivery in June 2018 and has grown to several hundred subscribers in a short period of time.

We owe our tremendous growth to our customers like you. And today I wanted to share some of the feedback that I have received along the way:

“I just want to start by saying how happy we have been with your deliveries since we started, I believe it was the second week you were delivering. The quality has always been top-notch and the value has always been superior to if I was to shop at the grocery store. This has been a godsend for my family of 6! My 8-year-old daughter loves selecting the items we receive every week and it has gotten my 14, 12, & 10-year-old eating & appreciating vegetables they hadn’t loved before. -Becki

“7:45 am-Wow!! I just received the first box of fruit and vegetables from you and it is wonderful! It's all so fresh and I feel like I just picked them myself. It's just like getting a delivery of nature's bounty to my door! Thank you and I can't wait for the next box!!” -Priscilla

“OMG, I love you, folks. My lunch today was cukes, tomatoes, radishes, and onions. Yum Yum!!! So glad you have started this service. Am spreading the word as loud as I can!!! Thank You, Thank you!!!” - Josephine

“Good Morning! I just wanted to share how happy my family is with your delivery service and produce! Last night our box arrived later in the evening and I found it about 10 pm and we all enjoyed strawberries before bed. My toddler ate an entire bowl herself! The produce is so fresh, clean and delicious! I appreciate the recipes you've shared as well on Facebook because we can all use some new recipes to try! My family loved the chicken and asparagus last week. I will continue to recommend your service and produce to friends! Again, thank you!!!” - Alicia

“If you live in the general Syracuse area, appreciate fresh fruit and vegetables, are very busy (who isn’t) try this home delivery service. They are the best!” - Anne

When you are ready to enjoy the convenience and freshness of our food deliveries click here.

Speak soon,
Carl “quality & convenience” Chappell

P.s. Check out this recent article in the local paper which shares the story of one of our customers who uses bi-weekly deliveries to supplement purchases from her local farmers market.

Email 4 - Vendor List

This email gives the reader more transparency about what farms you are working with along with businesses.

Subject line options
[1] a win-win for your health & the community
[2] your local food connection
[3] from these farms to your kitchen in <48hrs
[4] It’s true 👀 locally sourced food tastes better
[5] free samples


One of the things that I am most proud of as the owner of the Off the Muck Market is the ability to deliver customers the highest quality food while supporting local farms and business owners.

For every mile food is taken from where it was harvested, its nutritional value decreases.

That’s why it’s in your best interest to buy and eat local food.

I want to help you have a better connection with your food so you can live a healthier life and eat meals with a lot more flavor.

That is why I wanted to share a bit more detail on the farms and businesses we partner with. This will give you a better idea of where your food is being sourced from.

All of these partners have amazing stories in their own right, so I encourage you to check them out.

Here is a small sample:

Red Jacket Orchards
Located in Geneva along the rolling hills of Seneca Lake, they have mastered the art of harvesting and pressing premium fruits and juices! Three generations of the Nicholson family have grown apples and summer fruits, including berries, currants, cherries, peaches, plums and the largest apricot orchard on the East Coast. Founded in 1958, what began as a local apple farm has grown to a 600-acre family orchard.

Kubecka Farms
Originally cleared and farmed in the 1840s, the fertile sandy soils deposited by ancient glaciers became Kubecka Farms in 1943. For 3 generations, they have grown crops in Kirkville. The tradition began with potatoes but now includes over twenty different fruits and vegetables.

Farm Girl Greens
Located 25 miles west of Syracuse, NY in the town of Sennett. It is locally owned and operated by Abby Lepak, a mother of two. After 20+ years of experience in the corporate health and wellness field, Abby now focuses on her passion which is improving the health of others by growing the most nutritious and fresh local greens and herbs.

Her indoor hydroponic farm provides a consistent supply of fresh greens and herbs to our customers, all year long, without the use of pesticides, fungicides, and herbicides.

Buttercup Cheese
A third-generation family business located in Central Square offering a variety of high quality domestic and imported cheeses. They are best known for their top-notch NYS Cheddar Cheese (aged from 1-10 years) that has been around since 1969.

Pastabilities restaurant has been happily serving guests in Syracuse for over 35 years. They are best known for their Spicy Hot Tomato Oil which has been featured on The Food Network. Heat it low and slow and dip your fresh Italian bread in, or toss it over pasta & spice up your dinner plans.

Morehead Cattle
A grass-fed beef farm in the hills of Jamesville. They dedicate themselves to quality and are happy to say that they raise not only tasty, but healthy beef.

Nestled in the majestic hills of Central New York exists hundreds of acres of lush green pasture, rich in minerals and organic grasses, and safe from pesticides and growth hormones. A special place where healthy herds can thrive under organic and sustainable systems.

Heidelberg Bread Company
Birthed in Fly Creek, they offer a natural and tasty alternative to cardboard fluff breads available out there. The founder and owner Boyd Easton Bissell Sr. became interested in artisan breads while apprenticing in some of Paris’ finest bakeries.

Boyd’s vision was to bring old world goodness to breads in America’s modern fast-paced culture. After having mastered the techniques required to produce artisan bread, he returned to the states to create his own recipes. Starting with just one variety, Boyd opened several local accounts in independent markets and grew exponentially from there. Their bread line has since grown to 15 different varieties.

Cathy's Cookie Kitchen
Located in Syracuse, Cathy began this business 6 years ago to do something she has always loved to do ... bake! Believing that organic and natural ingredients are better for us - yes, even in a cookie!

She developed her cookie recipes using organic butter, organic eggs, unbleached flour, and all-natural ingredients. She then adds delicious mix-ins for a unique and superior cookie that you will love. Gluten-free and vegan included!

Utica Coffee Roasting
Located in downtown Utica, they began roasting coffee in their facility in 2005. Their business was founded in an economically depressed area of the inner city because they saw potential and saw a lack of opportunity for young people to obtain meaningful jobs.

The Utica Coffee brand has become synonymous with the best qualities of Utica itself: simplicity and a no-nonsense attitude, a richness of unique and shared culture, and a strong independent streak.

To see the full list of our current farmers and food makers, check out our page here.

If you are ready to support these local farms & businesses, while improving your health, click the link here to sign up for weekly or bi-weekly farm-fresh food delivery.

Until next time,

Carl “local is better” Chappell

Email 5 grocery wax

This email is all about addressing false beliefs about the freshness of foods sold at the grocery market. Every time they are in the supermarket now they should remember this email and have it top of mind.

Subject line options:
[1] how fresh is the produce at your grocery store?
[2] the myth of grocery store produce freshness
[3] what you may not realize about store-bought produce
[4] this will shock you
[5] why your grocery store paints their apples


Next time you are in the grocery store, go check out the apple section.

What you will probably find is a wide collection of apples that are bright red in color, giving you the impression that they were picked in the last few weeks.

But what you may not realize is that those apples had a really long journey and their color is not necessarily a reflection of their freshness.

You see food will typically go through this process to reach a store: Farm to distributor to truck to warehouse to truck to grocery store warehouse to a truck to the grocery store to the consumer.

After such a long journey it’s no surprise that the food can and does go bad.

So how come these apples look so fresh?

It’s because the grocery store applied food-grade wax to them.

The wax is called Paraffin (don’t worry it’s completely harmless).

It’s used to make fruits, vegetables, and candy look shiny; it also helps slow down moisture loss and spoilage.

So the next time you pick up an apple at the store ask yourself: how fresh is this?

With Off the Muck Market delivery you avoid all these questions.

When in season, we deliver more than 20 varieties of fresh apples. We know that you eat apples year-round, that is why we still offer 3-5 different apple options during the rest of the year!

We deliver the product ourselves. In most cases, the person who packed your box is the one who delivers it and also the one who picked it up from the farm.

Not only is the food that we deliver healthier for you, it also tastes way better.

The food we deliver is closer to being ripe, which means that it has more nutrients.

You will notice the difference right away.

Check out this local TV news segment to discover even more.


Carl “not a fan of food wax” Chappell
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