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Below is ad copy for an opt-in funnel that goes to a free e-book. The next step after the e-book is a free strategy call to sell a paid productivity coaching program. 

Ever notice how the people that work the most hours aren’t the most successful?

There's a reason for that.

Joanne’s clients raved about her and she put in more hours and travel time than anyone.

But for three years in a row, her less talented peers were getting promoted and earning more than her…

...while Joanne stayed stuck with her same job title and measly salary increases...

...and she had no idea why.

No matter how much work or energy she put in…

...she couldn’t move the needle anymore.

Truth is, I’ve been there too.

I would start my day with good intentions but it quickly blew up.

I was bouncing around like a ping pong ball...

...changing directions with every email, phone call or idea that popped into my head.

But what I found out is that it doesn’t have to be so hard…

...making a few shifts can make all the difference.

You are closer than you think. It’s always darkest before the light.

In fact, we’re often most tempted to give up and throw in the towel when we’re just inches from our goal.

That game-changing realization is what led me to a solution that worked for me. And I know it can work for 
others, too.

I found that simplifying my business strategy and where I was spending my time could lead to outsized results.

That’s why I created The Index Card Business Plan.


This in-depth guide contains the step by step “Pillar System” to create a weekly strategy so simple… can fit on an index card…

...but so powerful it’s helped create 7 figure earners and has been licensed by some of the largest companies in the world.

When you put The Index Card Business Plan to the test yourself, the result is a simple, intentional, more lucrative business.

Each week you’ll know exactly what you should be spending your precious time on in moving your business forward…

...and what you should avoid.

The Index Card Business Plan works for sales pros, business leaders, entrepreneurs, marketers, non-profit executives and virtually anyone who needs a simple framework to hit a goal.

You can get this entire productivity system (and some killer bonuses) for FREE.


The best part?

My Index Card Business Plan provides clarity on where your efforts should be placed instead of feeling like you have to do more.

Click this link to grab the FREE e-book and training for yourself and discover why progress, not busyness, is the most motivating thing you can experience:


Joanne started executing on her Index Card Business Plan in late 2015.

In 2016, her sales were up 40% year over year. She finally got that promotion she always wanted along with a nice pay bump.

Oh, and she also lost 36 pounds…

...something she’d also struggled with for years.

By identifying and executing on the right pillars, many people have learned what Joanne did…

...improvements in one area of your life can fuel an upward spiral in many areas.

Want more clarity, simplicity, and results for your business?

Grab your Index Card Business Plan now:


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