Treasure Yourself Welcome Email Autoresponder Series

Below is a portion of an email welcome automation sequence I created for a leadership coach targeting socially conscious business owners. The front end offer was a short term coaching program and the back end was a longer-term, high-end coaching option.

Email #1
Subject line: The call that dropped me to my knees


It felt like the ground beneath me was shaking. But I couldn’t move.

I was paralyzed. I struggled to breathe. It was like someone had just pushed the pause button on my life. It was the moment that changed everything for me.

Three words from my dad shook up my life. And put me on a long journey to finding my true path.

It led me to:
- Quit my corporate management job and its six-figure salary.
- Move to Madrid, Spain with my husband and five-year-old-twin sons on seven days’ notice
- Co-author a book
- Visit 6 continents, 45+ countries, and experience 40+ healing modalities.

I eventually found my true purpose and direction in life. It wasn’t easy, but it was all worth it. The moment that started it all was a phone call from my dad one September morning.

He told me in a trembling voice: “Chad hung himself.”

My one and only, beloved younger brother had committed suicide. He was gone. Those words literally dropped me to the cement ground outside of my Cape Cod home.

He was someone on the surface who seemed to have it all. A well known and popular football star. Sports Illustrated ranked him the #1 high school football quarterback in the state.

His academic abilities also shined bright. Every Ivy League recruited him for his sachet of magical gifts.

But for a long time, Chad suffered from depression.

He did not have the ability to deal with life's obstacles and challenges, he was not equipped. At the time, I wasn’t equipped to deal with his death either.

I'm sure you have had defining moments like this in your own life where you felt stuck.

Chad’s passing made me question everything about my life and where I was going. That included what I was spending my time on and what impact I was having.

It also made me realize how many other people there are like me, or my late brother Chad. People who are struggling and yet, no one knows it. It’s as if the path forward isn’t clear and hope is fading by the day.

Have you ever felt the same way?

Chad’s tragic struggle sparked the beginning of my journey to build a life based upon purpose, peace, and clarity. His death exposed a small crack.

Light began to sneak through in the form of hope. I KNEW this light was the path to a healthy, abundant life...a strong, loving marriage...and a safe and happy family.

It led to a new direction in my life where I became focused on working with others to uncover their true purpose and impact. The life that they always wanted.

And that’s where your transformation comes in. You know that you are meant for so much more than the life that you are living.

Imagine getting up every day and feeling excited about what you are doing!

You know exactly who you are and you feel confident about the direction your life is headed in. Suddenly those big goals you set for yourself seem much closer than you think!

Finally, you’re able to live life on your own terms. Other people’s expectations or judgments roll off your back and no longer make you feel like a caged, fearful animal.

At long last, you enjoy--and savor--the freedom to do whatever inspires you!

In my email tomorrow I will tell you how I achieved these goals in my own life...and how I can help guide you there, too.


Email #2
Subject line: Do you feel like something is missing?


For the longest time, it felt like something was missing. Even though from the outside, it looked like I had it all.

A corporate management job that paid really well. A string of promotions. A nice house. Two amazing twin boys. A strong and loving marriage.

But something in my gut always told me there was something more.

It seemed like everyone around me was achieving so much more. While I was stagnating.

I knew I had a greater purpose, I just didn’t know what it was. I wanted to take action, but I didn’t have any idea in what direction. It took me a long time to figure it out.

After many years I finally found it.

Getting clarity on my life was one of the most rewarding and transformative experiences. It’s become my main purpose in life: working with others with the goal of finding their true purpose and impact.

For a long time, I thought I was alone and unique in my struggles.

But I began to realize that a lot of people were struggling with these same questions. And that I could use my skills and experience to help them enjoy the life they always wanted.

One of the key realizations for me was that I didn’t need to face my struggles and challenges on my own. I discovered that hiring someone for leadership support is one of the best investments I could ever make.

That’s because sometimes you just need:
- Reassurance that you are on the right path
- A fresh, unbiased perspective on the key obstacles and challenges you are facing in your life.
- Recommendations for those first few steps you should be taking towards your goals and dreams….that can lead you results far faster than you ever thought possible.

Hiring leadership support allowed me to find the right path. I was finally able to get over being overwhelmed and stuck. I broke through with big, bold and brave action.

The result has been an amazing life full of peace, clarity and purpose.

Now I want to help guide you to that same end result.

I invite you to learn more about how I am doing this with people like you by clicking here.

Talk soon,

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